1. Dance is for gay, women, pussies – is unmanly

Well, the most masculine is drinking beer, swearing and watching football. Women tremble at the thought of such an alpha male, thanks to which they will be able to dance alone at the wedding party, while he is getting wasted with uncles. Nope. I do not know a woman who doesn’t think that a guy who can dance is far more attractive.

Do you know different dances than “with stars”? In real life, if you do not take part in the ballroom dance tournaments, you do not have to wear sequins and lubricate yourself with a self-tanner. Breakin? Hip-hop? Are they associated with women and pussies? Latin dances like tango, salsa, bachata, zouk should not as well! In social dances the man has control! He leads a partner who listens and follows him, takes care of her comfort, has control over the situation. Ask a dancing friend how much women he met since he enrolled to the dance class.

 “Scent of a woman”. Source: http://www.fthismovie.net/

Don’t build your knowledge about the world on stereotypes. I presume that, therefore, you think that blondes are silly, guys are developing more slowly, and every Pole is a thief?

2. I can’t dance

Aha. Oh, wow, really? You won’t sign up for a language course because you do not speak this language? Dance schools would not exist if: a) Everyone danced perfectly b) People didn’t get that. The goal of the dance course is …. surprise, surprise… TEACH YOU to dance! Nobody is immediately a master undertaking a new activity. Any. I don’t like dancing because I can’t do it is probably the stupidest answer ever.

Dance is one of the first forms of artistic expression. Ritual and war dances – rings a bell? At VDA, we think that everyone can dance. Everyone can swing from side to side, and this is a dance 🙂 Styles are some kind of scheme. The aim is to find the one that is best for us.

3. I don’t hear music, I don’t have sense of rhythm

How do you know if you’ve never danced? 😉 First of all, most people have a very good sense of rhythm – we have been connected with it from the beginning of existence when we listened to the mother’s heartbeat. At the first class, people who are able to initiate movement to music without the help of an instructor are exceptions. Both among women and men! Everything is a matter of training, time spent on the dance floor, listening to music. It’s getting easier with time. Chill.

4. I only dance after alkohol

Hmm, so you have a problem with it. If you had a problem with dancing, you would not do it under the alkohol influence 😉 Don’t look for confidence in alcohol, better find it in dance school or during individual lessons. Drunk guy pretending Patrick Swayze, may be a great partner for goofing, rather bad for dancing.

To try if you like it or not, at your home, alone – test https://vda.dance – online dance school, which we are going to launch in a few months. Follow us on FB or sign up for a free trial month. We’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready 🙂