New hobby, friends, relax, entertainment and good parties. Among all – dance classes. The whole dance adventure has started from them and it’s based on them. Workshops, festivals, dance trips. Classes in the morning, in the afternoon, weekend bootcamps. Different instructors, styles and schools. Today we will focus on how to get the most out of your dance class. How to use this 60 minutes in the best way, so that training gives you results faster.

Don’t constantly look at the instructor

Even if he/she is in your type, and you are single for a long time 😉 After explaining a new figure or piece of the choreo comes the time for repetition. Try to do it on your own. If you followed the instructor the first two times and you succeeded, next time don’t look at him/her at all. Feel the movement, the music, look at yourself in the mirror. Watching the instructor every time will not help you remember the piece. When you look at him/her and then at yourself you have the possibility to compare and assess how you’re doing and improve some elements.

Change the place in the room

If the instructor asks you to switch the line don’t go only from front to the back. If possible, go to a totally different place in the room. Next time again and again. The same is true if you go to regular classes and always occupy the left side. Next time change to the right, front, back, middle.
It will immediately refresh your mind, give you extra focus, energy, and yes – it will tear you out of your comfort zone. Ultimately, you will be able to dance anywhere, not just from the instructor’s left side 🙂

Try without the mirror – change sides

Strongly related to the previous ones. When we cannot see our reflection, a sudden absence of it makes us confused. We lose orientation, the point of reference changes and we forget what we were learning for the last 50 minutes. That is why you can hear the complaints when the instructor suggests 360 degree exercise (turn 90deg x 4 times). Honestly, it is great because it combines two of the above: you don’t see the instructor and you change the perspective. If the instructor is not offering this exercise you can ask him about it or just try by yourself when there comes a time for an individual practice.

Record yourself with the instructor

When the instructor is inviting you to record a video together – just do it. It’s not about fame and likes on Instagram. You can ask him not to make the video public or to record a private one together after the class. Watching yourself in the video next to the instructor gives you a chance to see the mistakes that you can work on. Yes, that hurts sometimes 😉 Just treat it as a part of the learning process that will show you how you have progressed over time! And most of all – have fun!

At vda.dance we got it covered for you. After each lesson you have the possibility to record yourself with the instructor side by side and watch the video whenever you want. Wanna see how this works? Start free trial now.