dance class

In the last article on how to get the most out of your dance class we’ve shared with you some inside tips on how to learn faster during dance classes. Today, we’ve prepared the second part of dancefloor hacks that you can use right away.

Ask questions if something is unclear

It seems obvious but how many times did you leave the class confused or not sure how something should be performed? There is nothing wrong with asking questions. First of all, instructors love when you talk to them and ask because it means you are there for a reason. Secondly, realize that there is 80% of a chance that someone else in the group also wanted to ask this or didn’t know but the answer helped them too. There is nothing worse than staying quiet during class and complaining about not understanding something on the way out.

Dance with someone new

If you attend the partnerwork classes don’t avoid changes / rotations. Dancing with different partners helps you verify your leading / following skills. Dancing with one partner means getting used to one dance style only. That may cause troubles in social dance unless you’re an advanced dancer.

Don’t be afraid to look stupid. The fear is blocking your progress.

Body movement that we cannot follow well, jazz technique, spins or styling figures may seem odd for us. We want to try it or we try it once but once we see and feel that we are not good at it we tend to take a step back. Don’t be afraid to look funny, stupid, wrong. You are there to learn not to perform. That’s why it’s called dance school! Everyone started from the same level, but with time and practice you can achieve anything. Just don’t resign.

Quality over quantity.

There is nothing wrong with attending 15 classes a week. But if you feel stuck just think it over. Sometimes it is better to make a break or take 1 class a week and have more time to practice the material at home. I bet that you will learn more from staying super focused on this 1 class, knowing what you’re there for and practicing at home. Choose the ones that you enjoy and that help you achieve your goal -> technique, partnerwork, flexibility etc.

If something is too difficult, focus on one part, for example footwork only.

Many figures, choreos and body movement exercises need coordination of different movement at the same time. It is called dance, right? 😉 When you feel lost, moving your body in chaos just chill. Focus on one part like arms styling. Then focus on walking. Then add head etc. etc. Once you know one part of the move it will be easier to add others.

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