annoyed instructor

Being a dance instructor? No one said that would be easy. Making everyone comfortable, motivated, progressing, satisfied, leaving your emotions outside, struggling with different types of personalities. Sometimes this job may be even harder. Lately we’ve covered the sins of dance instructors “10 tips on how to lead the worst dance class ever”. This time we’ve turned the topic around and asked what annoys dance instructors from US and Europe about the students’ (mis-) behaviours. Here is the list of the most popular answers (randomly ordered).

1. Getting late for warm-up. Or leaving during cool-down. 

Leaving home late, chatting in the changing room, checking Facebook because the first 15 minutes it’s just a “warm-up”?

“No honey, you cannot participate in the class without a proper warm-up.”

Neglected by many, it’s an integral part of the dance class. It prepares your body for the effort, builds the skills needed for the class and is a part of the instructor’s program. It’s also made to avoid injury because the instructor is responsible for your safety during the class.

2. Making up injuries, excuses, whining.

Struggling with some injury? Having a bad day? Always inform your instructor about it. Something different is a scenario where…

“They are doing good until we start jumping, making planks, strength exercises, stretching or other they don’t like. Then they come up with “I cannot do it because of my spine / knee / neck / big boobs / whatever problems. Yeah right.”

No excuses guys, instructors recognize them 😉

wining girl

3.Doing something different than being asked for because “they’re bored/ don’t like it”

Push-ups because you don’t have a partner, Instagram check instead of a solo exercise you were given. One thing is that you are disturbing others, second that instructor’s goal is to help you grow, not to make your life miserable 😉

4. “Teacher assistants” – giving instructions to other students during the class.

There is a difference between helping and instructing. Especially when not being asked to do it. By anybody. It’s a ‘no no’ for a couple of reasons. Number 1 – it may not be done right. Number 2 – it’s disturbing. Number 3 – it is what annoys dance instructors and students. Let’s make it clear. It’s amazing to help each other and revise stuff together before / after class. Not during it.

5. Leaving the class early without notice.

Think of it like slamming the door during the fight with someone. This is super rude and makes the instructor feel uncomfortable. It’s like you hated this class so much you couldn’t stand till the end. Others may start thinking if they are in the right place as well. A good habit is to always inform the instructor in advance about the plans to leave earlier.

6. Using phone during classes.

If you need a break – rest and listen to what is going on. If you wait for your turn – be patient or use this time to dance the sequence alone. Be present. Facebook can wait. Whatsapp can wait. If you want to know the song – ask about it instead of using Shazam. Again, this shows disrespect to the instructor, demonstrates you’re bored and that chatting is more interesting than participating. How can he/she knows that you are taking digital notes or writing to a friend that you love the class? 😉

7. Recording the class despite the request not to do it.

“Once upon a time there was a place where people were not recording everything with their mobiles…” And then it changed. It’s great that we can revise the material easily by having the sequences recorded. What annoys dance instructors? Sneak recording the class against the instructor’s permission. Same with publicity. The material and methodology is the instructor’s know-how. Great effort, sweat and years of learning. Let’s respect his/her rules.

sneeky man recoridng with a phone

8. Talking while being given instructions.

…and then asking about what has already been explained. What for one is just silently ending the story to a friend, for the instructor is class noise and a waste of time that could be spent to teach the group a cool thing. Waste for holding the class until they are finished or for explaining everything all over again because they missed it.

9. Dancing while asked to stay and observe.

That’s a very popular one. It’s not that they want to show off. It’s to make students pay attention to the detail and elements they won’t see while turning around at the same time 🙂

10. Undermining authority

Know-it-all, giving advice to the teacher, behaving disruptively, telling that other instructor is better because XYZ. Think of it like telling your girlfriend / boyfriend that your ex was better at XYZ. Or teaching the father how to make children 😉