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Osmani Segura

He is known from his characteristic Timba style which is full of musical details and very story-telling. Learn Osmani’s new piece during the lesson he has prepared.

Rafael & Nathalie

4 hours of crazy and energetic timba with Rafael & Nathalie! Classes includes a huge dose of fast footwork and cuban bodymovement. Prepare a lot of water!

Alain & Katerina

Block of 13 hours of classes, where you will learn how to incorporate rumba and cuban afro to salsa. Everything explained in detail step by step.

Rafael Hernandez

3 hours especially for men to polish the skills in salsa and afrocuban bodymovement! Choreos are inspired by styles like Rumba Guaguanco, Columbia & Abakua.

Natalia Plewa

8 classes full of feminity and technique. Attitude & Presence, Hips movement “Buttchata”, Arms Styling, Bachata High Heels….  those classes specially prepared by Natalia received amazing feedback. Don’t miss that! 

Kriss & Natalia

If 4 full courses were not enough, our Bachata Sensual masters have prepared 6 extra sessions for intermediate dancers with footwork, balance technique, party tricks and more!

Kriss Juraszek

2-hours of fun and developing classes inspired by Magic Mike and Step Up movies. Kriss will take you to the men’s world and show how to move and look good while dancing bachata sensual.  

Anita Hofman

Anita has prepared extra 5-hours of body movement and reggaeton choreographies on different levels of advance. Ready for good music, sweat and smile? Start right away!