“You have no sense of rhythm”, “Are you deaf? Don’t you hear the music at all? “, ” THIS LEG, how many times do I have to show you! “,” I do not have strength for you, you will never learn “, ” Let’s leave, it is not for you”.

Do any of the above statements, or a few at the same time would motivate you to take dance lessons? Or anything else? I don’t think so. And surprise! Your men are not motivating either! 😉 Are these joking comments? You know what? Not funny at all. 🤢

For a long time now I am amazed to watch how many women do not spare their “affection” to their partners. I will focus on what I observed during dance classes, but it can be easily applied to other activities together.

A couple is coming to a dance course. Most often, this is an idea of ​​the lady. By constant persuading, everyday comments and requests finally they make it to the classes. Many men did not have contact with the dance, they do not feel confident, they are afraid that they will look silly, but they have cojónes so they go to make girl happy. What do they get in return… If they are together for a month, the butterflies flying around the stomach make them the best version of themselves. Longer relationship = fire and sensitivity from the first paragraph of this text.

Often, the girl approaches me* before classes and immediately apologize for her partner and warn that he is a “tragic case”.
Next to him. 🙉

Jesus, seriously? If I am witnessing such situations as a student, I ends up thinking “How does he stand with this woman …?” 😉 As an instructor, I turn on the siren and run to rescue him🚔. Usually the change in pairs works well and she calms down by dancing with a new, foreign partner. However, interestingly, she usually doesn’t want to change and at all costs sticks to their alpha male. Then I take him for a moment. And do you know what turns out? That after a while the guy dances correctly even though he didn’t get any new advice. Just because someone praised him for what he did well, gave time to practice new things, smiled and joked that in a moment we would make it to the finals of the World of Dance 😎

Ladies, you wouldn’t like anyone to talk to you like that. He would be called a fag and you would start throwing plates at him.

Guys stand it, they don’t tell you anything, withdraw and they will never try dancing again. If it annoys you so much that he can’t get the moves so fast – change in pairs. You will practice with someone who got it faster, and your guy will not have girl grumbling over his head for two songs. And will be able to learn the steps 😉 Win – Win. 👌

/ ATTENTION – not everyone is like that! I know couples who get along great, but this post is not about them 😉 /