Ok here it is… Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year. Called so because of the weather, your bank account after Christmas and… broken New Year’s resolution. Maybe you could do better, maybe you lack a bit of strong will or maybe… you badly set up your goals. 

Here we come with the list of New Year’s dance resolutions that are realistic and easy to keep. 

1. Focus on 1 thing this year

Proper way of setting up the goals is a main theme of many books and articles. But one is for sure – you cannot multiply them. Of course one, two, three may be good but whole list of them? It’s not gonna work out. Set ONE PRIORITY this year. Flexibility? Preparing choreography on stage? Specific area that you one to work on like footwork, sensuality, improvisation, afrocuban movement? Think about what you want to achieve in December and make other decisions about that like what classes to take, what workshops to take part in, what private classes to look for.

2. Try new dance style

TRY is a keyword. Not “learn”, not “be best in”. Just try it. Exit your comfort zone and preferably choose something totally different from what you dance every day. That will give you new inspirations, coordinations, friends and experiences. Not sure what to choose? Watch youtube videos see what you like or ask your instructor. Most of them are learning or used to learn a lot more than they teach. For social dancers? Contemporary dance or Hip Hop is always a good idea.

3. Pick up another form of exercise

There is a time in our dance life that some figures, bodymovement, choreographies are becoming unavailable for use due to several reasons: low flexibility, mobility, strength,  physical fitness. More dancing won’t help. You need to incorporate some other forms of exercise that improve the skill you miss the most. Yoga, jogging, stretching, mobility, animal flow, plyometrics, core workout, weight training. Some dance schools offer some of this in their schedule. Probably you were too focused about another bachata, zouk or salsa class to see it 😉

4. Appreciate yourself

We are far from motivational speeches, but really – good word for yourself will keep you mentally healthy 😉 Most of use tend to underestimate their efforts. It is always “too short, too low, not good enough, could be better mode”. We don’t see how much we already did. How many classes did we attend, what progress did we make. Just see one of your old videos 😉 You’ve just started dancing? Hey great job! So many people don’t do it at all!

5. Appreciate others with meaningful comments

How we think about ourselves affects how we think about others. If we are never good enough for ourselves, noone will ever be for us. Your fellow dancers are developing, struggling, fighting, trying, making and effort. It’s not about constant insincere gratification. You need to mean it. But maybe they don’t have to win the World of Dance for your compliment? Maybe their own development is worth noticing, maybe some initiative they organized? And if so, try to write a few word why you like it. In the world of likes and emoticons it’s hard to read or hear sth nice. Maybe you can do better than “Good job” or “ <3” and write something that you really mean?

6. Set your dance budget

Nowadays we have lots and lots of possibilities of classes, workshops, festivals etc. There are even memes like this one below (sorry I don’t know the author) which are really not far from the truth. As it is funny, at the same time it shouldn’t. Of course we want to invest in our passion but avoid spending your whole savings on it. FOMO (fear of missing out) will be great but think clearly. What to choose then? See number 1 on this list.

7. More practice = more parties!

That is the nice one. It’s easy to get stuck in the classroom or at home with no dancing experience out there in the “real world”. And parties are where the fun starts, where we want to dance with others, practice what we learned, improvise! Don’t be a “worka-dancepractice-holic”. Go out and have fun!

8. Talk to somebody new

And when it comes to practice try meeting new people. Maybe every Friday you both are at the party but you’ve never talked? Or better – you attend the same course two times a week and don’t know about each other more than a name? Be open, ask sb to introduce you. Let social dances be really social! 

9. Expand your knowledge. Read a book or watch a movie about your dance style.

About dance itself, music, history of the country. General knowledge about dance training, history of dance in the world. Find what is interesting for you and be able to say a few words about what you are spending your time on.

10. Don’t use telephone during classes.

Except from the fact that it is just rude, it distracts you. On the dance class you want to be focused. You want to learn and forget about the outside world. Mindfulness it’s a word! Facebook can wait. Shazam? Just ask your teacher about the song. He/she won’t bite.