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Let your dace skills grow!

 Learning how to dance has never been easier! Live streaming lessons with the best world instructors.
Ask questions during real time session, get back to the video after the class ends. 


5-class Masterclass with Alain Rueda where we go back to the roots of Cuban music – Rumba & Son. Musicality, rhythms, theory, changes between the two styles and a lot of dancing! 


Modern Cuban music is full of references to its African roots. Classes will show you how properly mix salsa with rumba and afro.


HOT STUFF IN HERE! Modern Cuban music is full of references to its African roots. Classes will show you how properly mix salsa with rumba and afro and have a lot of fun!



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About Alain & Katerina

He is a Cuban French. She is a Russian French. Together they are an incredible mix of cuban& russian spirits, dancing mind-blowing Cuban salsa. Alain was born in Santiago de Cuba, graduated from Escuela de Instructores de Arte in Santiago. He is known for his passion to open traditional culture and dances to people interested in culture of his country, and teach them to feel Cuban music a different way.
Katerina is a native talent born in Russia, after learning classics, sport ballet dances and modern jazz she felt in love with Cuban salsa. She has a deep knowledge of afro Cuban culture and Cuban traditional dances. Her trademark is her dancing style, which is full of femenity and sensuality. They feel Cuban music with every little cell of their bodies. They inspire everybody around them and put a spell on any spectator’s sight.
Their course Entre La Rumba y El Son that was created in 2015, is well known in different parts of Russia and Europe and famous for its deepening into the very roots of Cuban music: its rhythms and flavor; showing and helping dancers to see and feel the connection between the music that musicians create and a dance that every dancer is able to produce.
The next very big and profound concept “Timba Contratiempo” had a very great success and lots of people fell in love with it, because it is renowned with good methodology, explaining with examples what is timba as a dance, showing the straight link between Cuban music and dance, guiding dancers deep into musicality, giving the tips of leading and following in partnerwork. This course is a very bright and true reflection of Timba music.
This couple always follows the very late tendencies of Cuban music and teaches to incorporate this modernity and the evolution in the dance. As an example of this evolution such classes as SabroSON and Rumba Moderna have been created, and already took the attention and the positive feedback of both dancers and musicians.
You will never get bored at their classes as this couple makes you explode every single time they get on a stage, due to their energy and positive vibes.